Monday, 5 April 2010

The Boathouse
I was asked to do a special project for Platt Fields Park to help mark its centenary year.  A new clock was fitted in the boathouse which has been missing for over 50 years and to mark the start of the year long celebrations the new clock had an unveiling.

To make this into an exciting event, I was asked to work with the boathouse in some way in order to draw attention to the clock tower and to temporarily cover it in some way so that it could be unveiled.

This was an exciting opportunity for me to work on a larger scale. The organisers hired a cherry picker for me and pretty much left me to my own devices which was great. I wanted to draw attention to the structure of the clock-tower, in particular the tiling. I decided to use strips of gold foil so that the light would reflect off it creating a spectacle that would be seen from around the park.

It was extremely difficult constructing the work due to torrential rain fall. This meant that the tiles were wet and my adhesive would not stick. To overcome this problem I had to construct a plastic roof over my head and use a blow torch to dry out the tiles.

Here are some photos of the event:

 It was also reported on by a number of news stations. Here is a link to the bbc:
And there are some more nice photographs of the crowds on this site:

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