Thursday, 8 September 2011

RBS: Initial Ideas
Having done an initial site visit of the exhibition space at the RBS I have been looking over the photographs and brain storming ideas. At the moment I am drawn to the fireplace and feel that I would like to intervene with it in some way whilst considering ideas of regeneration and the speed at which existing city fabrics are systematically destroyed and removed in aspiration of a uniform space of consumption.

We constantly feel the need to tidy things up to the extent that the layers of history and reclamation by nature are obliterated. Dirt is not necessarily impure, buildings are made out of matter and earth is therefore part of their fabric. Through positioning moss in the uneven cracks which have formed between the beautiful and delicate tiles, the moss can be seen as invading the fireplace as nature reclaims its territory.

So now I need to develop ideas on what I may use for the moss, (make my own, use dried moss, fake moss) and I will need to develop a technique for attaching it that will not damage the original tiles. but these are my initial thoughts. It may also develop in a more abstract way using some form of green medium that can be representative of nature/moss taking over?

I am also interested in the markings that can be seen on the flooring where it dips in ever so slightly making beautiful little marks. I may also develop work to draw attention to these in the immediate area around the fireplace but again will need to develop this idea further in terms of materials used etc.

Office Party
The two girls who share the space next door to mine at Rogue Studios sent the following message out via email:

'We (Ahmed & Carpenter) are hosting an office party in our studio (the office space on the first floor). We’d like to invite you to produce work for this event. We are interested in displaying work which playfully explores the idea of an office and/or the idea of a party - an intervention into what’s already here perhaps, or maybe a performance. Pieces can be quick, fun, and ephemeral, there’s no pressure to produce slick high-art objects.'

Their space is different from everybody elses as they have occupied the small office that was once part of the textile factory before the first floor opened. It is very dated looking and quite cute. As my space is next door I submitted an idea for the show and was selected along with some other brilliant artists including Hilary Jack and Mike Chavez-Dawson.

I proposed working with an existing feature and I was drawn to the ceiling panels which are standard across most offices. Looking more closely at these custom made ceiling panels I was intrigued by the patterning of holes each one has. I do not know the reasoning for this patterning and wanted to draw attention to it so I pinned a gold bead into each and every pin hole that already existed.

The preview was really well attended, nice and relaxed and a lot of fun. Mike Chavez-Dawson treated us all to a rendition of 'The Locomotion' on the hour, every hour which became louder and more heart felt as the evening went on. It was great for me to get to know more Roguettes and it was a really nice show so well done to Annie and Taneesha. 

Unfortunately I forgot my camera and haven't been able to source many of the actual work but here are some general people shots from the night.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hilary Jack: And Scent of Pine and the Woodthrush Singing

I went to Hilary Jack's tour of her first solo show held at Castlefield Gallery and found it truly inspirational.

I love her aesthetic, it was like she had brought a magical woodland into the gallery. Her delicate way of re-appropriating found objects really appeals to my aesthetic and my personal practice. t particularly reminds me of when I used to bring objects back into the studio which I had taken from the city streets. This is something I might like to think about doing again but in line with my current thinking.

There was also a wonderful correlation between the different works throughout the gallery.

Her talk was brilliant as she thoroughly explained the thinking behind the work and how one piece developed from another. It was clear to see that whilst she works intuitively with her found objects, all the reading and thinking that she must be doing at the same time clearly goes into what she is creating, even if this is subconscious.

This is something that I would like to try and achieve as I am still struggling to find a balance between my making and my thinking.

My conclusion is that I NEED TO MAKE MORE!