Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hilary Jack: And Scent of Pine and the Woodthrush Singing

I went to Hilary Jack's tour of her first solo show held at Castlefield Gallery and found it truly inspirational.

I love her aesthetic, it was like she had brought a magical woodland into the gallery. Her delicate way of re-appropriating found objects really appeals to my aesthetic and my personal practice. t particularly reminds me of when I used to bring objects back into the studio which I had taken from the city streets. This is something I might like to think about doing again but in line with my current thinking.

There was also a wonderful correlation between the different works throughout the gallery.

Her talk was brilliant as she thoroughly explained the thinking behind the work and how one piece developed from another. It was clear to see that whilst she works intuitively with her found objects, all the reading and thinking that she must be doing at the same time clearly goes into what she is creating, even if this is subconscious.

This is something that I would like to try and achieve as I am still struggling to find a balance between my making and my thinking.

My conclusion is that I NEED TO MAKE MORE!

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