Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Monotony (Series 3)
Continuing with the Monotony Series I worked on the railings that surround All Saints Park. This series has been attempting to address the homogenising forces that result in identical street furniture, paving and railings being implemented in our cities. If we continue with this strategy I would suggest that we are headed for a very bland and boring urban environment indeed. This is not to say that the corporate powers that be should start a production line of bins that are each slightly different. I am not interested in difference for its own sake. It is about recognising the richness that comes organically with heterogeneity, history, culture and ecology.

I cut each of the 210 letters out individually and I like the idea that no two letters will therefore be exactly the same. I returned to the park a few days after I had put the letters up to find that somebody had removed the 'MONO' part of each word, leaving the name 'TONY' repeated around the park. I would like to think that this was carried out by a Tony or somebody who is rather taken by somebody called Tony. Either way, I love the element of interaction that this has introduced to my work.

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