Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Didsbury Arts Festival
I took part in Didsbury Arts Festival which aims to reflect the talent and diversity of Didsbury. It includes an eclectic programme ranging from Visual Arts exhibitions and workshops, Classical Concerts, Comedy, Dance workshops, Arts demonstrations and Readings by local authors and poets. With more than 80 events in over 40 venues across Didsbury the festival has an audience of more than 5000.

The full programme and more information about the festival can be found here:

I exhibited my 'Tito's' series in Didsbury Life alongside two photographers, Anita Farkas and Pam Smith. Here are some photographs from the preview:

Here is the extract from the programme:
"Three artists will show work at this well known Burton Road venue. Pam Smith (Hidden Colours), '....looking at these old bathroom tiles they are shiny black. A slight turn of the head and beautiful colours appear in the cracked glaze.' Hannah Wiles (Tito's), '....hopes to confront how people respond to neglected sites through the means of transforming them in a way that encourages interaction.' Anita Farkas (Twenty Photos), '...a beautiful selection of a tender view of life, produced with great delicacy, care and with eyes for beauty everywhere and seeing beyond the obvious. Spend some time with her on this magic journey.'"

It was a really great opportunity for me to show this work to an audience. People seemed to like the photographs just as compositions but became very interested when they realised that I had actually intervened in the space. It was also interesting to see the photographs framed and mounted so that they took on another level beyond simple documentation becoming works of art works in themselves.

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