Monday, 15 November 2010

MA Show 2010
Here are some images of the work that I exhibited as part of my MA Show. I created two new site-specific pieces and also showed the Monotony(Bench) series.

For the first intervention I wanted to draw attention to the large crack in the pavement just outside the Holden Gallery, where the MA Show took place.Continuing to think around nature versus the urban environment I initially came up with the idea to fill the crack with a bright green cement that I was going to mix myself using food colouring or a water based paint. I like how this references the fact that our cities are constructed from cement; a concrete lid upon the natural world. I would have also been interested to see how this surface changed colour and began to weather over a period of time.

As this piece was going to become part of the MA Show I decided it would be best to ask permission so as not to get the university into trouble. This however proved difficult and has highlighted the problems involved in getting permission from the council to do such an intervention. There appears to be no sliding scale in the application procedure with the same 30 page document having to be completed whether you want to build a house or more simply fill a crack with cement.

In the end I came up with a different solution that still represents my ideas. Instead of cement I have used aqua gravel. I like how striking the green looks.

Inside the Holden Gallery I had noticed that one-third of the way in there is a crack in the floorboards that zig-zags across the width of the gallery floor. For my second intervention I filled this crack with a fine green sand. This second piece of work clearly links with the themes of the pavement piece above. I heard a few people who were observing it say that it reminded them of moss growing in between paving stones which I was pleased to hear.

And I also presented the Monotony(Bench) series as 8xA4 photographs on a vertical line.

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