Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Pilcrow Pub Launch Party

If you haven't heard about the Pilcrow Pub yet then you need to look them up! 

They are building a pub and they want as many people as possible to help them. It's going to be based at Saddler's Yard to begin with and the plan is to make it transportable. Over the coming months they are going to put on loads of different workshops that will enable people to muck in and help add to the making of the pub. So for example it might be a workshop making work benches, aprons, tiles etc which will then be used to build the pub. 

The launch party was a great event that took place next to Sadler's Yard where the pub will initially be built. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo but we were given a little envelope each with 3 different handmade tokens in that we could exchange for a beer. There was also lists put up around the space of different workshops which you could sign up for. 

If you want to get involved sign up on their website to get notifications and find out what other workshops you can take part in completely free!

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