Friday, 2 July 2010

For Space
I recently read a book called 'For Space' by Doreen Massey due to my interest in public spaces and place-making strategies. In the book she considers space as 'interaction' rather than just being structural, explaining that it is a continuous production and reconfiguration of heterogeneity in all its forms (and is therefore the opposite of that which is sterile and still.)

She also discusses how space has been divided up into 'places' as a tool for imagining and organising global space. This in turn is a refusal to acknowledge the multiplicities of space, its fractures and its dynamism.

This then leads on to a very interesting discussion around ideas of globalisation. Importantly it is pointed out that we are currently experiencing a Neo Liberal Capitalist form of globalisation led by multi-nationals. It is projected that this is the only form of globalisation that exists with the whole world following a single trajectory with some countries simply being 'behind' others. This clearly does not live up to the requirement that space is always and ever open, constantly in the process of being made.

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