Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Radical Nature
Recently I noticed that I have started looking more and more at nature within the context of our urban environment. To begin research around this topic I have just finished looking at the exhibition catalogue for, 'Radical Nature: Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet'. The exhibition questions the value and meaning of nature in the context of the urban.

You can view images of work from the exhibition here:

 I am particularly interested in the idea that nature is segregated from our everyday lives and controlled in such a way as to reinforce the fact that we are living in a predetermined world. It is as though nature is seen to be a threat to the stability of society's infrastructure and must therefore be repressed.

In this exhibition the artists attempt to reconnect man with nature, suggesting that they are fundamentally interdependent upon one another within a fragile system. It also breaks down the portrayed division between architecture and the natural world. As previously discussed, building matter originates from nature before returning to its original stte through dereliction and decay. 

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