Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I was selected to take part in BlankExpression 2011 at BlankSpace.

BlankExpression 2011 is an ambitious and exciting showcase of works by twenty-seven emerging practitioners from London to Victoria, Barnsley to Tel Aviv and anywhere in between. Taken from an open submission call, works will engage, stimulate and challenge each and every viewer. With a wide variety of works spanning over a range of disciplines, BlankExpression 2011 there’s something for everyone. BlankExpression 2011 promises to be the start of something very special happening at the iconic 43 Hulme Street building.


Alexander Ashton /Andrew Broadey /Andy Nash /Andy Nizinskyj /Ben Sloat /Claudia Borgna /Daniel/Fogarty /Hadas Tapouchi /Hannah Brown /Hannah Wiles /Jane Lawson /Jen Ross /Jez Dolan /Jude Macpherson /Karl Kolley /Katrina Vivian /Lucy Ridges /Lyndsey Searle /Matthew Stanners /Michael Thorp /Rachael Gittins /Rebecca Wild /Rose Barraclough /Ruth O’Brien /Scott Kershaw /Shreepad Jonglekar /Stephen White

EXHIBITION CONTINUES: Friday 28 January - Sunday 13 February 2011

Images of the work I made for the show can be seen in the blog-post below. Here are some images from the preview night:

Photograph Credit: Gareth Hacking

Instrument by Rose Barraclough. Photograph Credit: Damien Hayward

Spinario by aniel Fogarty. Photograph Credit: Gareth Hacking

Tape Series by Karl Kolley. Photograph Credit: Gareth Hacking

Carousel by Andy Broadey. Photograph Credit: Gareth Hacking

Magic Carpet by Jude Macpherson. Photograph Credit: Jude Macpherson

There is detailed information on all the artists that exhibited, along with images of their work, and an opportunity to buy the exhibition catalogue here:

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