Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I submitted a proposal for the exhibition BlankExpression which built on the ideas I put forward for CUBEOpen 2010 (See Below)

Here are some images of the work that I made, followed by a synopsis of the work.

Synopsis of Work
I am interested in how our society establishes institutions to ensure that the physical environment and people’s social behaviour remain under its determining influence. This has lead to a basic division between the minority who determine the topology of urban living and the majority who are forced to passively accept its given form in their daily lives. And as nature is seen to be a threat to the stability of the infrastructure of society; untamed and always moving towards anarchy, it is similarly repressed. Control is exerted upon the consciousness of people through the encoding of the physical environment into a highly complex structure of inter-related symbols that exhibit their separation from nature. A perfect example of this encoding of the physical environment can be seen in front of the new BLANKSPACE building, in the form of two square bushes that have been grown within a redbrick mount. Through ordering ‘nature’ into this repeated pattern within the constraints of the square concrete slabs, I am referencing the fact that most natural elements within a city are held within a fixed framework, intended as something to look at and admire from a distance.

Here are the two square bushes that have been grown within a redbrick mount, the initial inspiration for the work:

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  1. I loved your leaves Hannah, I am also intrigued as to how you made them stay there and still kept them looking so delicate!