Tuesday, 2 August 2011

LOOK 11, Liverpool International Photography Festival
I caught some of this at the Bluecoat in Liverpool, but looking at the website for it I wish I had seen more.


At the Bluecoat the photography exhibition was called 'Confined' and there were some really intriguing photographs on show. I was especially drawn to Juergen Chill's birds-eye view of German prison cells. From this perspective you could see how different inmates had adapted and arranged their cells, achieving a personal touch even with such limited resources to work with.

I also liked David Moore's exploration of a high security police station where terror suspects are held under the Counter Terrorism Act. As a place you are not normally allowed access to, it almost felt like you shouldn't be seeing the images which in turn made them strangely exciting but also quite ominous when you think of the fear that must exist in such a place.

Other work I liked was John Darwell's, 'Dogs in Cages' which highlighted the nature and mechanics of captivity and also Ben Graville's penetrating and provocative portraits which captured prisones being to and from the Old Bailey

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