Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ruppert Griffiths: Borderlands
I was interested to visit this exhibition at CUBE gallery as the themes and ideas behind the exhibition link strongly with the ideas surrounding my practice. Griffiths examines the tensions at play between the over-determined places in the city and under-determined areas that go under the radar. As with my work, he is therefore interested in the tension that exists between the new purpose built areas of the city and those forgotten and abandoned places that mark the physical infrastructure of our past.

Whilst I appreciated the exhibition and the ideas behind it, I found on a personal level that I was not drawn in and found it difficult to engage with. I think the problem for me was that he utilised materials and processes that are typically used to re-brand failed spaces undergoing re-development as a means to highlight the cyclical nature of regeneration but because it is the decay that I am drawn to, the aesthetic no longer appealed to me.

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